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Response to a Damage Control and Hit-Piece by Government Controlled Media and "Crisis Actors"

The government controlled media have begun to lash out at independent investigators and journalists covering the Sandy Hook massacre/event. Are they simply in fear of losing their jobs as reporters who never investigate anything - or is there an even darker motivation?

Perhaps the zinger is the "reporter" suggesting that the independent investigator / college professor should "apologize" for raising questions and investigating the media rumor narrative! BTW notice that the independent investigators the hit-piece criticizes, are more often than not scrupulous about including references and documentation in their work - which the government controlled media seldom does. No - it is the GCM who use each other mainly as sources!

To wit - see the PDF files under "Other Files" below to get the real story from the college professor - something the "reporter" obviously didn't do.

Eric Holder and the FBI's 'Patriot Conspiracy' (PATCON) False-Flag Terror Program - 2011 Interview

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control - CNN - Guest Threatens Jone's Life on Air

Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Cover-Up - It's Official Now

Sandy Hook - The Truth (Controversial Documentary)

Sandy Hook Official Story DEBUNKED (Evidence I compiled)

Lt. Paul Vance and the Sandy Hook Hoax

Run time 5 minutes 49 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: ufomaynard - - February 27, 2013
Subject: ufomaynard HATE BLOGER you!!!!! Well enough for the emotional, semi psychotic emotional outburst! I really enjoyed your piece. HATE is one of the "key" words to stir peoples emotions, when there is no logic to their arguments. Keep up the good work.